Canoe Request

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Please fill out this form if you wish to use one of our canoes at a non-SCORA event, or for practicing in preparation of a non-SCORA event. Your request will be subject to approval by the Head Coach and/or the Board of Directors. Simply filling out this form does not guarantee that your request will be granted. Whether are not your request is granted and the type of canoe you are assigned are matters within the sole discretion of the Head Coach and/or the Board.

When there are multiple requests for canoes, get your request in as early as possible as requests will be reviewed and canoes will be assigned in the order of when the requests were received. In any event, your request should be submitted no less than 7 days prior to the event date.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you register for a non-SCORA event, please be sure to register your team with the event host as "Dana Outrigger" followed by your team name. For example: "Dana Outrigger - The Dana Divas." If you do not include "Dana Outrigger" as part of the team name, it may affect our insurance coverage.

If you are assigned a canoe, it will be your responsibility to ensure that it is properly loaded/unloaded, transported and maintained and that it returns to the yard in the same condition as when it left. You will be held responsible for any damage done to the canoe while it is under your care. Mahalo for your understanding.

Your request will be reviewed by the Head Coach and/or the Board of Directors for approval. Dana Outrigger Canoe Club shall not be responsible for any fees or deposits lost in the event that your request is not approved for any reason or if a canoe is not available for any reason. If the canoe is to be towed to the event, you and your transporter acknowledge that you are aware and assume all risks of damage, to persons or property that may happen as a result of towing the canoes. This includes accidents resulting in personal injury and/or property damage and it includes wear and tear, or mechanical breakdown caused by the towing. You agree that you are responsible for the canoe from the time it is released from the yard for your benefit until the time that it is returned to the yard after your use. You further agree that you will hold Dana Outrigger Canoe Club harmless and will defend and indemnify the club for any claims asserted against it that arise while the canoe is under your care.