2018 Dues

Paddler Dues for 2018 have not yet been set. Below are the dues that were charged for 2017.


$75 for the Sprint Races. These dues need to be paid at registration on May 31st.


$120 for each paddler participating in the iron races, due on or before May 1st.

$75 for each paddler participating in the sprint races, due on or before June 1st.

Additional fees will apply for the 9-man season. Participation in these events will be by invitation only. Fees will be set before each race and will be collected by the coaches.

Novice Paddlers:

$25 a month for February and March. (The total paid for these months will be credited back to the Novice Paddler when regular dues are paid).

$240 for iron and sprint races. Due on or before April 15th.

$160 for 9-man season. Due on or before July 15th.

Open Paddlers:

$400 for entire season. Due on or before April 15th. (Payment plans are available)

Family Plan:

For families with more than two paddlers, you will only need to pay full dues for two most senior members of your household. After that, all other immediate family members’ dues are waived. Please note, the Family Plan only applies to immediate family members (parents and children) living in the same household.

All dues can be paid online by clicking here.